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Job Programs
Please select from the following job programs:
On Campus Work-Study Program
On-Campus jobs conveniently located in academic departments and administrative offices on the UNC-ChapelHill campus. 
Community Service Work-Study Program
Community Service jobs located in non-profit organizations in the community, as well as on-campus programs that promote public service beyond the campus community. Many of these jobs can be easily accessed using the Chapel Hill transit system. 
America Reads Work-Study Program
America Reads jobs are located in elementary schools within the public school system, or community centers. Public service jobs promoting literacy tutoring to children in the community, which range from kindergarten to third graders. This program is administered out of the School of Education's Student Coalition for Action & Literacy Education (SCALE). 
Pay Levels
Work-study positions offer the following pay levels:
Pay Level Min Rate Max Rate
S1 $7.25 $8.30
S2 $8.30 $10.05
S3 $10.05 $11.80
S4 $11.80 $13.55
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