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EHS Waste Pickup Login

To request a chemical or radioactive material waste pickup,
please enter your Onyen and Password.
Onyen:                For chemical waste pickups for Non-PI
               Organizations/locations, Click here


For more information about Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management view the Lids, Leaks, Labels & Location Sheet.   Please visit: http://ehs.unc.edu/environmental/docs/llll_09.pdf

For those departments that are NOT currently using the University ONYEN Services you will need to visit http://onyen.unc.edu to have an ONYEN created. Once on this page click on "Create an ONYEN" and follow the instructions. Note that this is a one time process. This will create a new UNC email account for you, but you do NOT have to use this email if you have an existing one assigned by your department. Once you have created your ONYEN you will be able to access this and other University Web services in the future using your ONYEN.

Once you have created your ONYEN please allow 24 hours for this information to be updated in the Campus Directory system before trying to login here.

This new login process will allow us to verify who you are and immediately update your records.

** Password not being accepted for your Onyen? Please check here for more information about ATN's new password expiration policy.

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